Casa Del Sol Imports: high quality mexican home and garden accessories hand crafted by fine artists in Mexico.

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Exclusive, Unique, Handcrafted Mexican Artistry

Welcome to Casa Del Sol: a showcase of "Arte Mexicano"

Mexico's finest craftsmen - using their hands and hearts - have sculpted, molded, and carved each unique piece you'll find in our distinctive collection of Mexican Art.  Time and Nature, combined with the artist's heart and hand, allow each piece to tell their own unique story about Arte Mexicano.

Hand Crafted Mexican flower pots and stands.


  • Metal Sculpted Birds

  • Wall Hangings

  • Suns & Murals

  • Metal Pots & Chimineas

  • Garden Accessories & Decorative Articles

  • Water Features

  • For Inside or Outside


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Casa del Sol Imports: High quality Mexican home and garden accessories - made in Mexico.

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